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Solo Conzert Yuri Shishkin Russland Akkordeon Bayan

yuri shishkin

  • Evangelical-Reformed Church in Urnäsch,
  • 23 February 2018, start at 19:30, doors open at 18:30
  • free entry -- thank you for your generous collection

PIGINI KYMA (Sirius family / lighter accordion)

PIGINI has developed a new phenomenal Bayan accordion. Fulfilling highest demands in both sound and construction, it is fundamentally a SIRIUS accordion, but smaller and lighter. The tonal range on the right hand is 55 notes, as it is in free bass. The 16' bass makes for a deep and warm Bayan sound.

PIGINI Wing Superieur Cherrywood


REEDS handgefertigt


- Cassotto NO

- Keys 37

- Range FA/FA

- Chin-Switches 0

- Register 9

- Choirs 4 (16'/8'/8'/4')


- Buttons 120

- Register 5

- Choirs 5


- Dimension 43 x 19 cm

- Weight 8 kg


PIGINI Super Compact SB Ansicht 1SC_SB_dL_02_Internet

The PIGINI VIRTUOSO Standard-Bass accordion is for orchestra players as well as for solists.

The PIGINI VIRTUOSO Standard-Bass is a very handly, only 41cm high and light accordion. The mechanic is very light going.

The accordion is build with 4 reeds discant and 5 reeds at the bass side. The range of notes is 52 discant.

From the 14 registers it is able to make maximum 5 registers as chin switches.

The design is various and each musician can choose what is available. Possible are also handmade reeds as well as TAM reeds.